Dragon Street Press is highly selective in our submissions process. We seek titles that are marketable and have genuine, defined target audiences.

What we want

Dragon Street Press accepts at this time most types of speculative fiction including: Science Fiction (of all types), Science Fantasy, Fantasy (of all types) and Alternate History. We accept Adult, New Adult, and Young Adult.

We seek manuscripts generally between 75,000 and 110,000 words. Middle-grade manuscripts should preferably be greater than 45,000 words and under 85,000.

At this time we are not accepting submissions or proposals for non-fiction or erotica, but we continue to assess our interests.

We favor diverse casts, strong female characters, and thought-provoking subject-matter in fully-formed universes.

Guidelines for you

Your manuscript should be proofread and gone through an initial edit. Workshopping is encouraged. Please submit the first 10 pages of your manuscript (as text, no attachments) along with a query letter to the editor you wish to query and allow 6-8 weeks for an initial response. It is encouraged that you provide your plans in relation to marketing your work, to help show us that you’re willing to go the distance with us!

Please do not send whole manuscripts unless asked. Submissions which do not follow guidelines will be discarded. Please do not send paper submissions.

Submissions FAQ

Why do I have to have plans for marketing? I thought that’s the publisher’s job!

Most publishing houses only market a very small percentage of the books they publish, and the author is left to pick up the slack.  That being said, our goal is to be better than that. We have marketers on staff and would do whatever we can to market you. In order to be successful, we want to work with an author who’s willing to go the distance over the long-term.  What we’re looking for though is this: What’s your web presence like, so we can know how we can help? Do you have a facebook page, twitter, instagram, etc.? Have you already taken steps to promote yourself?

Is a story with series potential better than a one-off?

Not necessarily, but due in part to the economics of publishing, if your world presents an opportunity to continue the story, then it makes sense to consider. Be prepared to articulate how the story could move beyond your initial manuscript.