The Dragoneer

By Amber Boudreau

High school is hard enough without a dragon breathing down your neck. When 15-year-old Moira Noble stumbles across a cave and a dragon in need of her help, she unwittingly forms a link to it and becomes a Dragoneer. Now the growing Zephyr needs a new place to stay and a steady supply of spicy potato chips.

Moira’s homework now includes learning how to use magic and fight with a sword, so that she can keep Zephyr safe from an escalating troll threat. In the meantime she must keep up appearances at school and at home–because if she fails to help Zephyr find a way home, it won’t just be the life of her dragon on the line…but hers as well.

Amber Boudreau has a background in Geology. In between household projects and parenting, she writes youth and adult fantasy. A native of northwest Indiana, she currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and two children. The Dragoneer is her debut novel.

No Place

By Sam Swicegood

Fifteen years after an alien invasion, Gail, a seventeen-year-old girl raised mostly in solitude, wanders through the slowly-crumbling world in search of a family she has never known. When she runs into a snarky “computer witch” named Crow, she becomes embroiled in a plan to take down the oppressive Mori: a 4000-year-old enemy of Earth. The two are joined by other people in on this plan, including a US marine trapped inside an experimental power suit, and a knife-throwing con man.

When Gail accidentally kills the younger brother of the self-proclaimed “Duke of the East,” Gail is branded a criminal. While she traverses a post-technology world, Gail learns the importance of a “found family,” while also discovering the truth about her own heritage and growing ever closer to her new friend Crow. She also learns that the Mori are planning a mass extermination of humans, and she may be the only key to stopping them.

No Place is an homage to one of the first legendary fearless women of fiction, Dorothy Gale, and is a post-apocalyptic retelling of L. Frank Baum’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Wizards on Walnut Street

By Sam Swicegood

When a well-respected corporate sorcerer is murdered, his eldest child Andy moves to Cincinnati to investigate, discovering a magical society bubbling just under the surface of the mundane world. Encountering odd characters such as an Incubus barista, a knife-happy security guard, and an enchanted espresso machine, Andy uncovers a plot to overthrow the magical society’s hierarchy.

The Wizards on Walnut Street plays with fantasy tropes and juxtaposes goblins, unicorns and dragons into our modern world in a way that is both satisfying and hilarious. Grab a cup of coffee and hand onto your Employee Handbook; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!