No Place


Dragon Street Press to Release No Place

Young Adult novel is a Sci-fi retelling of The Wizard of Oz

June 1, 2019 | Cincinnati, OH

Dragon Street Press announced the release date of its upcoming Young Adult Science Fiction novel, No Place, by Cincinnati local author Sam Swicegood.

Fifteen years after an alien invasion, Gail, a seventeen-year-old girl raised mostly in solitude, wanders through the slowly-crumbling world in search of a family she has never known. When she runs into a snarky “computer witch” named Crow, she becomes embroiled in a plan to take down the oppressive Mori: a 4000-year-old enemy of Earth. The two are joined by other people in on this plan, including a US marine trapped inside an experimental power suit, and a knife-throwing con man.

When Gail accidentally kills the younger brother of the self-proclaimed “Duke of the East,” Gail is branded a criminal. While she traverses a post-technology world, Gail learns the importance of a “found family,” while also discovering the truth about her own heritage and growing ever closer to her new friend Crow. She also learns that the Mori are planning a mass extermination of humans, and she may be the only key to stopping them.

No Place is an homage to one of the first legendary fearless women of fiction, Dorothy Gale, and is a post-apocalyptic retelling of L. Frank Baum’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It features LGBT themes and characters and has been praised by advance readers as “compelling, nail-biting apocalyptic scifi”.

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The book will be available in bookstores, and online on July 28, 2019. Pre-orders are open now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Orders may be made through Ingram distribution: ISBN 9781733122511 (Hardback) and 9781733122504 (Trade Paperback) or by contacting Dragon Street Press.