Editors and Wishlists

Sam Swicegood, Editor

Twitter: @ponytoast
email: sam@dragonstreet.press

Sam is the author of several Sci-fi and Fantasy novels and is the founder of Dragon Street Press. Sam uses the pronouns he/him.

I am always on the lookout for interesting YA and adult fantasy. I look for books that have interesting personal battles, especially internal ones that lead to self-discovery. I am particularly interested in steampunk, urban fantasy, and magical realism. I always look for books that have at least some connection to the LGBT community.


Lexis Peak-Colvin, Associate Editor

Twitter: @fuchsiamuffin
email: lexis@dragonstreet.press

Lexis is an editor and copywriter. Lexis uses the pronouns they/them or he/him. When querying, please address the query to “Mx. Peak-Colvin”.

I am interested in Middle Grade books. I enjoy books featuring Magical Girls, slice-of-life, teenage drama, and realistic fiction. I am incredibly supportive of LGBTQ-themed books, particularly ones that feature transgender issues and non-binary characters.


Kayla, Editorial Intern

Kayla is a student at the University of Cincinnati. Kayla uses the pronouns she/her.

I love love stories, stories with great character development, and things related to mythology. You can’t query me directly, but I might end up reading your MS if you send it to one of the above editors.